Our Studios

Yuhan Design Studio

Shenzhen Yuhan design studio, was established in 2004. It is dedicated to creating unique trendy intellectual properties (IP), brands, and design and art projects with social influence. It is one of the design teams affiliated with the high-end lifestyle retail brand DrivePro.

Differentiating itself from traditional design companies that offer singular design services, yuhanstudio leverages the global high-end fashion technology design group, DP Group, to integrate production, technology, and designer supply chain resources. It brings together a team of experienced designers from across the country to provide services in brand incubation, product development, design, artist collaborations, exhibitions, and public space planning, among other areas of expertise.

Upoint Studio

Upoint Studio was established in 2014 in Los Angeles, United States. The studio is dedicated to industrial antiques, industrial artworks, and designs related to the industrial field. With a team of talented designers from around the world, their works have garnered great acclaim from collectors worldwide. The studio focuses on collecting and curating industrial antiques and artworks of collector's grade. They also have a team dedicated to redesigning industrial antiques and creating art pieces. Upoint Studio brings together a group of artists and industrial product designers who approach their creations from a perspective of passion and audacity, resulting in unique and innovative products that showcase their unwavering understanding of product design.

INDEX Studio

Index is a conceptual space design studio under DP Group that specializes in exhibition and display. Through independent furniture design, exhibition concept development, and meticulous spatial layout, Index combines the use of art, technology, and cutting-edge industrial design products to create a new aesthetic space that bridges the gap between classic and futuristic.

The Index design team adheres to the core design philosophy of "making living spaces and commercial spaces more interesting." They aim to bring a younger and more dynamic feel to future commercial spaces while continually providing customers with updated perspectives and greater inclusiveness.


Arthur.K originated in Tokyo, basing its design philosophy on modern Japanese industry. It combines traditional samurai spirit, modern craftsmanship, pure manual techniques, and a sense of nature to integrate them into modern life. The design style revolves around Japanese aesthetics, and the brand collaborates with outstanding local artisans in Japan, focusing on creating unique works that seamlessly blend art and technology beyond the dimensions of art and precision.

When Circus of Hell and Arthur.K first collided, their unique designs and artistic pursuits attracted each other, sparking unprecedented creative inspiration.