ZERO Metal Pen (Portable)

Following the successful launch of the Arthur.K X ZERO 3-Second Deep Breath Metal Pen Desktop Edition, Arthur.K and ZERO collaborated once again to draw inspiration from modern industry and explore the Japanese romanticism brought about by precision craftsmanship. As a result, they proudly introduced the second generation of the Deep Breath Metal Pen series – the Portable Edition. This new iteration is even slimmer and lighter, designed for convenient portability.

The pen is meticulously crafted, benefiting from the expertise of ZERO's skilled craftsmen and their high-precision metal processing capabilities. To use it, simply insert the pen into the pen holder and gently release...

The pen will gradually sink into the holder due to its weight.
With only a 0.2mm gap between the pen's outer diameter and the holder's inner diameter, the pen utilizes this space to gradually expel air from within the holder, causing it to slowly sink.

This process seems to momentarily whisk busy individuals away from reality, hence the product is aptly named "3-Second Deep Breath."