Harry's Carbon Fiber Ashtray

HARRY'S JAPAN is a Japanese industrial-style creative product brand that embraces the concept of "the fusion of traditional industrial materials and modern technology." Leveraging Japan's leading industrial processing techniques and adhering to the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, the brand combines artistic beauty with industrial aesthetics through a minimalist design approach. The brand is dedicated to processing and product design in categories such as metal and carbon fiber materials. Its creatively concise yet elegant products have garnered the favor of successful men.

Derived from classic retro designs of the mid-20th century, the curved grooves formed by the grid-like pattern of the brass top cover can accommodate cigarettes or cigars of various sizes. After repeated polishing, the texture is warm and delicate, exuding a rich tactile sensation. The carbon fiber ashtray at the bottom is crafted from high-quality carbon fiber material that undergoes high-temperature compression, resulting in a tight and robust structure with a naturally unique texture. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.