Moeco PCB iPhone Case

Moeco PCB Phone Case with Katana Samurai Design

For iPhone 14 Pro Max ONLY

Moeco is a well-established Japanese electronic mechanical design company that focuses on exploring the playfulness of electronic components. They have developed a patented technology for LED lights that glow without needing a power source. They collaborate with well-known IPs to embed precision circuit boards within phone cases, using the phone's signal waves to power the embedded LED lights. This creates electronic accessories that combine both a sense of technology and fashionable aesthetics.

In collaboration with Arthur.K, Moeco explores the extension and possibilities of the traditional samurai concept in modern society. They have combined Moeco's classic circuit board craftsmanship with Arthur.K's iconic samurai imagery to create a collaborative samurai phone case. This is a tribute to the enduring spirit of chivalry in contemporary times. They have also gone on to partner with Huang Yulong and Davidyuan002 for a three-way collaboration.