ZERO Metal Pen Mark II (Black)

Arthur.K X ZERO
Dual-Action Metal Pen

The Arthur.K brand originated in Tokyo, Japan. Its design philosophy draws from modern Japanese industry, infused with craftsmanship, modern technology, and elements of nature, interconnecting modern living. ZERO is a factory specializing in hydraulic equipment for aircraft and excavators. The factory is equipped with advanced CNC machines and staffed by skilled craftsmen. They specialize in processing high-precision metal products. Insert the pen into the pen holder, then gently release it...

The pen will gradually sink into the holder due to its weight.
With only a 0.2mm gap between the pen's outer diameter and the holder's inner diameter, the pen utilizes this space to gradually expel air from within the holder, causing it to slowly sink.

This process seems to momentarily whisk busy individuals away from reality, hence the product is aptly named "3-Second Deep Breath."