Speaker DAVID I

Speaker David I, the Bluetooth speaker, features an integrated low-frequency driver unit that delivers stunning and faithful reproduction of "pure acoustics." Its elegant sound quality can satisfy users' sound needs in various scenarios, offering an immersive experience in a nearly perfect audio world. In terms of spatial integration, whether it's a modern minimalist style, Nordic style, or industrial style, Speaker David I seamlessly blends in, creating a comfortable and soothing atmosphere in the space.

Party Anywhere, Anytime

TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Pairing allows you to pair two Speaker David I speakers together, creating an ultimate stereo sound experience.

The high-frequency performance of Speaker David I excels in delivering enhanced detail and tension, resulting in a more nuanced and captivating audio experience.

The bass of Speaker David I is solid and powerful, offering precise and dynamic performance.


June 2022: Speaker David I made its debut offline at the Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center, creating a sensational "sound"

August 2022: Trendy Art Design Exhibition at U Design Week in Hangzhou

September 2022: IF Speaker David I made a stunning release at Yuya Home Appliances in Japan

December 2022: Collaboration with IF&W Hotel

January 2023: White custom edition of IF Speaker David I unveiled at the MOTE event in Shanghai

February 2023: Sound System Listening Event of IF Speaker David I at drivepro house in Beijing

IF Audio

Speaker DAVID I

White Wool 100 Limited Edition

Bluetooth Speaker
Frequency Range: 33Hz-18kHz
Driver Unit:  Subwoofer: 1 x 6.5 inches / Mid-High Range: 2 x 3 inches
Speaker Output Power: Subwoofer:1x55W/High-frequency Speaker:2x25W
Dimensions and Weight 800 X 600 X 408mm / 15KG / 33LBS